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Online educational games offer a powerful approach to learning basic concepts and information. Power UP! is a highly imaginative and unique learning tool geared towards kids 6-12 years old. The goal is to learn the basic components of an electrical circuit and how they fit together. Players will become armed with the knowledge of where electricity supports their daily lives and how the lack of these circuits could impact them. Players must carefully and strategically combine the resources given in a creative way in order to make the electrical current flow from one source to another. Learn about circuits, power sources, switches and many more interesting electrical topics. In addition to the Power UP! game for kids, there is also content for facilitators, and resources to learn more about how to become an electrician. For more information, contact

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Program Overview


Power UP! introduces the parts of a basic circuit and takes each player on a journey of building electrical circuits. Identifying what uses electricity and how it can help at home and in businesses is the central focus of this game. Players will walk away with an understanding of how electricity is a part of their daily life.


Let’s have some fun!


Games are excellent tools for engaging learners in a memorable experience that is fun and inviting. Power UP! uses gameplay to introduce and simplify sometimes complex concepts in an easy to understand offering for kids.


Not only will they enjoy themselves, but kids will grasp the introductory concepts to working as an electrician. It offers insight that young kids can appreciate.


Illustrated videos of building a circuit are offered to learners to get one step ahead in the game. Each video introduction will teach learners how to properly construct a circuit that they will in turn use in the gameplay of Power UP!


The videos highlight the roles of electricians in our world and how important they are to our daily lives.

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