Request Employer Access

If you are part of an organization affiliated with NCC, you may use the following form to request access to the secure employer pages. Within the employer pages, you can view and search for potential employees amongst applicants who have filled out information and posted résumés on our site.

Request Employer Access
If granted employer access, I understand that I will be able to view and professionally utilize potentially sensitive information, including names and contact information of individuals who are entrusting NCC and its affiliated organizations with their privacy.

I agree to only use this secure content for its intended purpose, which is to allow myself, as an employer, the ability to connect with potential job candidates ho have willingly shared their personal and career-related information with NCC and the website. I will not use this information for any other purposes than searching and contacting potential employees of my NCC-affiliated organization. I also will not share the information contained within the secure area of this website with anyone who has not been previously authorized to view this information.

Further, I will not share with anyone the login information provided to me which allows me to view this secure content. If I violate any of these terms, I understand that I will no longer be allowed access to the site, and may have more severe consequences imposed upon me.