Look Beyond the Misconceptions


Parents, Teachers & Counselors, your advice and counsel are critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about careers in construction. Consider the following misconceptions versus their truths.

Misconception #1:

Construction is for those who cannot cut it in the classroom.


The construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities for all kinds of people. The industry needs individuals with advanced degrees and training in business and computer-savvy positions – such as project managers, estimators and designers – as well as skilled trades specialists.

Misconception #2:

Construction work is dirty and unrewarding.


There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high-rise, or home. Proper career exploration, along with your advice, can help students decide what they want to do with their lives. A career in construction may be the best decision.

Misconception #3:

Construction careers have lower pay and benefits than other professions.


A career in construction offers good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss. Job opportunities are plentiful and expected to increase over the next several years in Nevada. See The Careers page for career-specific salaries and growth projections.

Happy, Healthy, Successful


Parents, teachers and counselors can be a child’s greatest supporter. We recognize that you want what is best for them: to be happy, healthy and successful, both as children and as adults. Construction careers deliver in these three areas.



There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high-rise, or hospital



Many construction careers provide physically active work. And due to strict OSHA* safety guidelines, this work is safer than ever.
*Occupation Safety and Health Administration



A shrinking workforce and increased need for skilled workers and management, means construction careers are more lucrative than ever; including good pay, health insurance and other perks.

As a parent, counselor or teacher, you play an integral role in guiding them along the right path. Fortunately, careers in construction offer many paths to success. Here are a few:


  • On-the-job Development – Craft skill can be developed at work while earning a good living. Many construction companies develop employee skill through on the job training and education.
  • Technical Education – From High School CTE programs to Community and Private Colleges, Nevada has many programs where construction skills can be learned and developed.
  • AA Degree or Certificate – Our area community colleges have many programs and pathways to get you the education and skills you need in 2 years or less.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – The University of Nevada, Reno and The University of Las Vegas both offer 4 year, construction-related degrees for those who are interested in engineering and other ancillary fields.
  • The Blended Approach – Since many skill sets are closely related, construction professionals often move between career paths. In fact, the knowledge, skills and abilities developed in one area most often translate as strengths in another.
  • Registered Trades Apprenticeship – An apprenticeship is a paid training program that provides on-the-job training coupled with classroom learning.


No matter the path, there are resources to make the journey that much easier, including a number of scholarships and other programs to assist students with their education.

Something for the Kids!

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